The Akashic Librarian: Gaze into the Record of Your Soul

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Empower Your Life Navigation With Insightful Guidance!

The Akashic Librarian can easily access the record of your Soul, or the akashic record. This record contains everything about you, your life, any other lifetimes you may have experienced, as well as karmic patterns, lessons, relationships, contracts, agreements, talents, gifts and more available to you.

Become aware of your true purpose and take control of your life affairs, consciously direct your attitudes into new pathways and higher experiences if you so desire. Change can only come with self awareness and support.

This is where the Akashic Librarian comes in! She delves deep into your Soul record and receives and mediates meaningful guidance from your Akashic Guides and Masters. Spirituality can be fun, and who can be more humorous than the Beings who know everything about you? Be prepared for tongue-in-cheek observations designed to assist you in enlightening up.

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