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Seeking an Intuitive/Psychic Reader, Medium, Energy Healer, or Astrologer?

You've come to the right place! Delia The Akashic Librarian is a multi-faceted experienced intuitive, psychic, medium, energy worker and astrologer. Check out the Astrology Reports page for insightful and unique reports created just for you or as a gift! AstroMapping services are also available on request. 

Private psychic development coaching and classes in Reiki and psychic development are available. Please for details.

Coming Soon: Online store with curated spiritual and healthy lifestyle products such as malas/prayer beads, spiritual jewelry, tuning forks, crystals, essential oils, flower essences, and more! 

See details below on some of the available readings and energy work services. Readings start at $60 for 30 minutes.

About Akashic Librarian Readings

Readings and other services can be booked here:
My private reading line number, Zoom or Skype contact will be provided with your booking confirmation, to call at the time of your scheduled appointment. Please read the Tips for Client Readings page to prepare for your reading to have the best reading experience. Your energy contributes to the synergistic relationship with the reader. A quiet environment without distractions and multitasking is best, and gives thoughtful respect to the process.

First-time Akashic Reading clients must book an hour session. This allows adequate introduction time to the Akashic records process, and beginning with an opening invocation using your full legal name. Established Akashic Records clients can book 1/2 hour sessions.

Readings are booked for one person. Group readings can be arranged. Please for details.

Reading Parties local only to the MD/VA/DC Metro area also available. Delia can provide insightful entertainment for parties with mini-readings, astrology readings, guided meditations and energy blessings. Please for details.

Be sure to sign up for The Akashic Librarian newsletter to receive news, articles, sales, promotions, referrals/rewards, new products and services.

Akashic Readings

Meditator beholds Universal Eye The Akashic Librarian can access the record of your Soul, or the akashic record. This record contains everything about you, your life, any other lifetimes you may have experienced, as well as karmic patterns, lessons, relationships, contracts, agreements, talents, gifts and more available to you. Guided insights point to your true purpose, clarify choices to take control of your life affairs, consciously direct your future steps into new pathways and higher experiences if you so desire. Change comes with self-awareness and support.

This is where the Akashic Librarian comes in! She delves deep into your Soul record and receives and mediates meaningful guidance from your Akashic Guides and Masters. Spirituality can be fun, and who can be more humorous than the Beings who know everything about you? Be prepared for tongue-in-cheek observations designed to assist you in enlightening up.

Ready to book an Akashic Reading?

Medium Reading

Soul Floating in long tunnel toward light Curious about your loved ones on "the Other Side?" Do you wish to connect with your guides and angels?

 Delia is also a clear Medium for receiving messages and information from Spirit through clairvoyant,  clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing). Different beings send  messages in their own way, in the same session. They all share one characteristic: they are clear messages and  symbols reaching out to the seeker. Our loved ones in Spirit are still very present in our lives, and many  people find it comforting to communicate once again with those who seem to have left their Earthly life. Love  never dies, Delia is honored to speak those words and messages your loved ones send through the Veil.

 Ready to book a Medium Reading?

Readings are set up for 1 person. Parties can be arranged, at additional cost per person. Please email Delia for details.

Past Life Reading

Soul silhouette stands in green light Have you ever wondered why the same situations keep repeating themselves over and over? Have you been frustrated with feeling "stuck" in a role or knee-jerk reaction in relationships? Do you feel you've already met someone before, even though you know you're meeting them for the first time?

Here's your chance to explore some past life themes. Meet characters from these other times and places where you once played a different part, only to forget awhile. Delia can intuitively retrieve past life scenarios, relationships, karmic themes and lessons for you to consider in your present incarnation. Hidden gifts and talents can be uncovered in the process. If you so choose, this information can assist your current spiritual development.

We can also explore your "future life" potentials as well. I believe that the universe is a holographic experience, with past, present and future all facets of one experience seemingly strung out in a linear sequence. Current life healing can extend to any other facet of your holographic experience in time and space, past present, future. What would your "future self" want you to know right now?  Can you really change your mind and allow a different story to emerge at any point in your holographic lifestream?

Ready to book a Past Life Reading?

Intuitive-Psychic Reading

angel with crystal ballRequest a more free-wheeling intuitive-psychic reading and let Delia's cumulative experience of over 30 years in receiving intuitive messages and guidance work for you! 

Delia will tap into her guidance to develop a custom reading just for you! This can be any combination of Akashic Records, past life, mediumship, clairvoyant, clairaudient information, spirit guides and angels, tools such as tarot or other card systems, astrological influences, distant healing, and more.  

Ready to book an Intuitive-Psychic Reading?


Messages From Your Guides and Angels! Reading

Angel in column of light

Receive guidance and messages direct from your guides and angels! Delia can receive messages, inspiration, and guidance from your Spiritual Team. There is much your guides wish you could hear and know about yourself, your opportunities, and how to apply their suggestions today!

Ready to book a Messages From Your Guides and Angels Reading?

Reiki Energy Session

Woman lying on massage table receiving reiki from open handsReiki is a Japanese spiritual energy technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing. Reiki treatments can be given in person or remotely. Delia is a Usui and Certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master offering intuitively guided Reiki sessions to support clients' harmonizing and well-being. Holy Fire Karuna Reiki is the most advanced and exquisite Reiki available today! Clients have experienced amazing shifts and releases of old energy and patterns overnight! Reiki classes also available to those in the Maryland/Virginia/DC area.

Ready to book a Reiki session?

Tuning Fork Energy Balancing Session

TuningForkTuning Fork sound balancing is a vibrational energy technique using various frequencies of tuning forks to re-balance and re-energize the energy field/aura, clear old stuck energy patterns, balance the chakras, and more. Weighted tuning forks can be used on potent accupressure points to rebalance energy meridian flows, clear blockages, and stimulate nitric oxide, to promote relaxation and stress relief. Delia uses a variety of tuning forks guided intuitively, and may reference your horoscope (birth data required), to use planetary frequencies to balance any challenging natal or transiting planetary energies, in order to stimulate an optimal expression of the planetary energies. Clients experience a lightness and freedom following tuning fork treatments. Tuning Fork treatments can be given in person or remotely.

Ready to book a Tuning Fork Session?

Astrology Astromaps and Astrology & Destiny Card Reports

Zodiac symbolsAstromap Readings - Astromapping is the art of mapping and analyzing the geographic placement of your natal birthchart planetary lines across the Earth at the time you were born. Find the best places to tune into love, career, home, family, vacationing, adventure, competition and luck, as well as geographic areas to avoid conflict, hardship, etc.  While you still have your natal chart to live out and its blessings and challenges, your Astromap reveals hidden treasures all across the Earth that you can tap into.

Book an Astromap consultation today, and find out your best power places and avoid challenging areas!

Coming soon - The Akashic Librarian offers a variety of astrology reports, astromap "Treasure Maps" as well as Destiny Card reading reports. Please check back for report ordering or contact Delia for details, and sign up for our Newsletter to receive notice of report availability.

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